Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls come in all shapes and sizes and can be built for many different reasons. Small retaining walls can be used to designate separate yard spaces for gardening and walkways. Large walls can be built to keep a hillside in place. Walls can be built from railroad ties, interlocking blocks or concrete. How can you decide what type is best for you? These questions could help!

What will be the job of your retaining wall?

  • If your wall will just be decorative, different materials can be used and you may not need to use mortar or glue to hold the stones in place.
  • If your wall will be used to control erosion or give a huge sloped yard more livable space, its going to need to be made with sturdier materials, geotextile fabric and a way to redirect the water that gets behind the wall.

Will your wall be redirecting water?

  • If yes, gravel and  corrugated  pipe will need to be laid behind the wall to catch and direct any runoff to an appropriate area of your yard.
  • Even if the main job of your wall isn't redirecting water what's behind the wall is still important. Remember, rain will percolate through the soil behind your wall and could wash it out if there is nowhere for the water to go!

How tall will the wall be?

  • Short walls (in the 2-4 foot range) are much simpler to make and can be made with different materials than a 10 foot high one.
  • Railroad ties or natural stone can not be built as high as concrete or interlocking block.

Will the wall have to stand up to pressure?

  • If you're using the wall to hold back a hillside, the answer is yes! The wall must be built to withstand the lateral pressure that comes from the soil pushing against it. Walls of this nature should only be built by professionals since so much goes in to designing and building them.

  • Even if your wall isn't keeping anything in place its still important to design it correctly. You don't want all that hard work washing away or tumbling down after a year of Kansas City weather! If you aren't sure what you're doing, ask an expert for help.

We recommend you consult an expert when building any retaining wall to ensure the final product will be stable, hold up to normal wear-and-tear and not be brought down by the extremes in weather we get in the Midwest. If you'd like us to come out and give you a bid, just give us a call!

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