Interior Drains

Interior Drains

If you notice leaking at the floor/wall seam or in the middle of your basement, you may need an interior basement drain. Many times homeowners will call us to fix this leak, expecting a crack injection and finding out it’s a little more involved that that. Here’s why:

When water starts coming in through that floor/wall seem (or even in the middle of your floor) its often due to a rise in the water table. When a rising water table meets a foundation floor the result is a buildup of pressure called hydrostatic pressure; the water pushing against your floor will find any nook and cranny and squeeze its way in to try to relieve that pressure (see diagram below). This could mean puddles in the middle of your floor, or seepage at the bottom of one of the walls.

If you install a drain around the perimeter of your basement (even just the one or two walls that are leaking) that system will decrease the pressure by collecting water which a sump pump can then move away from your home. With an absence of pressure around the edges, any water building up in the middle will flow toward the outside before it comes up through the concrete.

To learn more about the water table, read our July 2013 issue HERE .

Sump Pumps  are a vital part of this solution. In fact, we can't install an interior drain without installing a sump pump (unless there is already one in the house). Having a drain catch all that water, but no way to get it away from your house, isn't going to do anything to decrease that hydrostatic pressure. It's just going to keep right on leaking until the water is taken outand awayfrom the area.

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