French Drains

French Drain

French drains aren’t named for the country. They’re named after Henry French who was a farmer, lawyer, president of the Massachusetts Agricultural College and Assistant US Treasury Secretary. Basically, he has a long list of accomplishments. In 1858 he published a book on drainage which popularized the French drain. The drains were originally made from tile laid underground with a gap between each piece to allow water to enter the drain. Later, ditches were filled with gravel of varying sizes to allow water to percolate.

Our French drains are formed by digging a ditch in your yard, and laying gravel surrounding a perforated fabric-wrapped pipe at the bottom. The area is then filled in with dirt and covered with sod (or seeded) creating an invisible way to collect water. The exact dimensions of a French drain will vary based on the size of the problem area and the amount of water that will potentially need to be collected (because if you’re at the bottom of a hill, it will need to take care of runoff too). The water it collects can then be routed away from your home to an area such as a dispersion pit which will allow the water to slowly seep into surrounding soils.

This is the beginning of a French drain. A trench is dug to the appropriate length then perforated pipe is laid and cut to the correct size. The next step would be filling the trench (above and below the pipe) with gravel. Once that is done the top few inches of the trench will be filled with dirt and seeded.

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